Web Development

All modern sites need a content management system (CMS) that powers their core infrastructure. Here at vec4 limited we use Joomla CMS for it’s flexibility, scalability, reliability, search engine optimisation (SEO) and security. We provide bespoke system functionality to meet your business needs. We’re always developing new in-house components, modules and plugins for extra functionality that goes well beyond most competitive solutions.

Whether your site is for a personal portfolio, small to medium business, e-commerce or services with the need for online payment and client management functionality, we can design, develop and deploy a wide range of solutions to fit your needs with the latest SEO support.

Being a team of coders and designers we know how to manage form and function. With mobile browsing being just as important as desktop we strive to optimise our solutions for speed and not just looks in a market with massive device fragmentation including legacy mobile devices. With mobile browsing accounting for over 60% percent of total browsing time in the UK, it’s critical to keep applications lean and efficient whilst maintaining function.